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Student Admission Management

The school admission seasons can be one of the most stressful seasons of the year for schools. Using hiStudent Student Management, you can register the students with different types of related details. hiStud Admission Features let you enter a different type of student information like; basic info, guardian info, photo upload, emergency contact details etc. Online registration for the students is also available. Rights of admission could be allocated to users, as many as you want.

Managing admissions can be a huge task for a university or institutions. There are the university/institution where entire admission process is handled manually, which is very slow and time-consuming. Now, it’s high time to leave behind such traditional processes and go with computerized automated student online admission system or e-Admission to speed up and make processes easy.

You can import student and other data, through CSV or excel files. Student import is intelligent and works fine with prebuilt or your custom student fields. We also offer free services of data import for all paid plans.

The application forms can include details like name, date of birth, details of the parents, courses for which the applicant has applied etc. There are also provisions to attach photos and documents in support of the completed admission form to be submitted. These submitted documents are then filtered and the admission candidates are allocated based on the criteria determined by the administrators. Multiple levels of approval can also be implemented by using the hiStud - Multi School Management System.

Why Online Admission?

Admissions and the related processes are highly pivotal and crucial for the schools. The management of data at different levels becomes cumbersome more often than not. Our Admissions Management has made the entire Admissions process unimaginably easy and swift. Be it managing registrations or follow-ups, every bit is possible with our solution. The solution is designed to cater all requirements of Admission Counselor in streamlining the complete admission process. The applicant can make online admission enquiry, fill up registration form, upload documents, make online payment and also track the status of the application anytime. Schools can configure the steps involved in admission process for different classes and also set-up auto allotment of interaction schedules.

The Principal/Management can track the actual numbers from enquiries to admission acceptance and also compare the data with previous years. Daily MIS report on enquiries, registrations, admissions and withdrawals significantly help the management to track the students’ strength at any point in time.

Benefits of Student Admission

Admission process in colleges and school has become a very painful and tedious process. With the number of students increasing year and year, it has become essential for institutes to invest in a system that automates and streamlines the student admission system. By investing in a system like online admission system, college/school can be succeeded in various areas.

  • As it's online admission form, it allows candidates to Fill Application form from Anywhere and Anytime.
  • No need to stand in long queues to get the application form and submit the same.
  • Man Power Saving - Institutes don't need to allot additional manpower to manage heavy crowd.
  • No longer require printing & storing forms.
  • The process will provide the precise and reliable outcomes with the standardization.
  • No longer require to collect forms of all the candidates and file them.
  • Real-time reports & graphs for analysis
  • No longer requirement of printing & storing the forms separately.
  • Institutes don't need to collect forms of all the candidates and file them.