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Hostel Management

hiStud hostel module provides the facility of hostel service, its our software It is a very complete management system with great features made for hostels with fast support. Hostel management system enables the feature of managing the school students living in the school premises. This module provides a full-featured system to manage the entire residential system of the institution. It will extend the residential services to finance module to show current balance in their account.

Student accommodation plays a vital role in the administration and profit of a school. A fully modernised hostel with all the essential provisions according to the changing needs of the students is the main concern of most schools. But, hostel supervising involves the complex task of assigning residential facilities to students and monitoring their movements in and out of the hostel.

The hiStud Hostel Module is a fully automated solution which efficiently manages the entire residential facility in the school. With this Hostel Supervisor, you can save a good amount of time, effort and money. By using minimum manpower requirements, Schooberry Hostel Supervisor improves the overall security system in a cost-effective and productive manner. Assigning of hostel ,room, bed to students.

But with the introduction of Hostel Management Module in ERP, it becomes easier for school/ colleges to maintain data with full security in the single window only and no overwriting done for rooms once allotted. Easily records are maintained, which reduces paperwork, minimal staff involvement and less time required.

This module includes the features like :

Allotment of Rooms :
Hostel management in hiStud has the facility to maintain records for rooms that have allotted to students like which room is allotted to which student and at what charge.
Hostel Food & Meal :
hiStud Education management provides the unique feature of managing the food & meal of the Institute's hostel, the admin can handle the food and meal details. Which will help the admin in analysing the daily food deails.

Similarly, Students can see the routine Hostel menu from the system and mobile app. Parents can also see hostel details from their access by checking everyday food menu. It provides features to update food menu, maintain category records and deliver other regular updates to all the students and staff.