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Attendance Management

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Attendance Management

Maintaining an attendance register of students and staffs requires a lot of effort and accuracy. The software provides feature to keep a record of attendance inside the system eliminating manual effort consuming task. It is also linked with the school academic year so that you need not fill attendance for school holidays, vacations and sundays. It also allows you to also fill basic attendance, day boarding attendance, lunch attendance and snacks attendance for the students incase your school provides the day boarding facilities.

The hiStud school attendance system makes relief from taking attendance manually. Attendance module is user-oriented and user-friendly for teachers. Manage attendance of all the students and staff from one place. The administrator can keep a note of staff attendance and keep a record of the same. SMS or email notifications for the parents of those students who are absent can be sent so that verification about the absence can be made and absenteeism can be closely monitored.

hiStud has the ability to take student attendance management by using a mobile device. This option provides you to make the students status in the class like Present, Absent or on Leave. Student Attendance can be edited if needed.

This module includes the features like :

Student/Teacher/Employee Attendance :
Manual marking of attendance usually takes time, so with this module in school management software that will be overtaken and admin need not put extra effort to mark attendance. Attendance records are kept safe and can be checked easily whenever required. This module provides smooth working of schools/or institution and instant alerts can be sent to parents/ students related to the shortage of attendance, monthly attendance reports, etc.
Attendance Report :
We produce an attendance report on a daily, monthly and yearly basis to track present/absences across school. The report shows attendance for the school both with and without health/medical related absence for those pupils who are off school for significant periods of time due to reasons relating to their condition. The report includes attendance for the whole school over the month
Attendance Module Benefits :
  • Paperless And Less Time Consuming
  • Software is Flexible For Any Size Of School
  • Employee/Staff Attendance Is Easily Manageable
  • Generating Absent Report Daily/Monthly/Yearly Basis
  • Add And Edit The Present/Absent Mark As Per The Requirement
  • Manage Student And Employee Attendance Day/Week/Month/Yearly Basis