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Finance Management

Manages your accounts in one place as well as manages staff salaries. Get class-section balance fees, report for total fees, discount, paid fees and balance fees, income and expenses along with graphs ans transaction report. The account module helps the school to manage all the financial activities with different payment options like credit card/cash/bank etc. The income and expenditure can be easily calculated. Management of fees with detailed invoicing and creation of different journal entries into the system based on the fees paid by various options can be executed. All financial transactions can be tracked.

Account management is one of the most important parts of financial activity. The hiStud school accounting software provides an efficient solution for account management using various functions like day book, bank deposit/withdrawal, credit/debit note and payment. Accounting software stores and manages all data regarding the bank transaction as well as student fee collection or any expenses. Accounts are a major concern for the School administration. Different types of accounts management features are available. Monthly Invoices Generation automatically, Report for overdue and even the defaulter list could be obtained using account section in the hiStud. Other features of account also include expense management, Transaction history, Cash reports expense report and much more, all is done and stored in the secure and reliable environment.

This module includes the features like :

Account Management :
hiStud accounting system is affordable and easy to use. Using this accounting system helps us to time-saving features that take the headache out accounting such as automated entries, invoicing, bill payments and receipts, it also helps us to generate accurate financial reports. It helps to clarify and understand the management to take right decision at right time.
Fees Management :
Maintaining finance is a very difficult task and collection of the fee is the most important responsibility of the school. With the help of school fee collection software, eduWare school management easily collects student fees by filling in a single form which is flawless. It will provide high accuracy in professional accounting in terms of School fees, Issuing fee receipts and fee register update.

Complete Fees management like Tution fees, Transport fees, Computer fees, Other Activities fees Exam fees Transport fees, Food and Hostel fees for Day Boarding School etc. It Keeps History of individual students fees as well as Group fees under specific head and reports for a period can be take with just clicks, You can generate reports of due fees and received fees with list of individual students.
Accounting Reports :
Different types of reports can be created by the user in accounting management through hiStud system like : Keep a record of the funds flowing in and going out from the school accounts, to create vouchers, daybook, cashbook, journal, profit & loss accounts, balance sheet and much more reports and all the other reports which will help the institute in analysing, recording and calculating the total available funds and total profit and loss of the institutes.