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Academics Management

hiStud is a Multi Web-based School Management System that allows School, Institutes and Colleges to efficiently manage day-to-day operations related to Academic Management System very easily. It facilitates complete student's learning journey with perfect curriculum planning, lesson planning, compliance all streamlined across the whole system to help develop student outcomes and administrative workflows.

hiStud- Academic System adapts to a variety of examination patterns and support customized marking schemes and has streamlined examination and evaluation process by recording marks in various activities and assign optional subjects as per schools requirements. hiStud- school academic management system offers the complete solution for the assessment of learning and continuous improvement on your campus. Its innovative platform enables easy automation of individual student assessment, facilitates curriculum review, streamlines campus-wide accreditation processes, helps to achieve your strategic educational goals, convert marks in grades according to the board guidelines.

An Online Academic Management System is a technological tool or platform that enables multiple users to manage various academic processes simply and smoothly, through one console. It reduces the need for human intervention and does not fatigue of repetitive processes.

The progress of the student can be viewed on a regular basis by both the parents and teachers using hiStud Education Management System. In this way, the performances of students can be consistently and continuously evaluated. The evaluation of the students would help in the overall improvement of their performances in various subjects and help teachers to provide additional feedback to students assisting them with their performance through our School Management System.

This module includes the Important features like :

Class & Section :
Admin can issue class and section details which is shown on teacher and students profile. Also he/she can add different sections for the particular class with total number of students studying in each section. They can also view and update the list of classes and sections of the students. Admin can allot the roll numbers of students. Here admin can also allot class teacher of every class. All the student details can be maintained for the academic year with all the required details
Subjects :
Teachers can see the subjects allocated to them to teach the students from the Teacher Portal, it will help the teachers to know the Stream/Department, and the subjects to teach in the different class and sections. This task is also performing by admin. They can allot the classes for teachers.
  • Define lesson plan for the subjects
  • Map teachers to different class
  • Assign topics to faculties
  • Enroll students in school
Syllabus :
Syllabus module allows the Teachers/Admin to post the daily coverage of syllabus class-wise, monthwise coverage, reference books/textbooks for the subjects and also post the total syllabus of each standard and division that is to be covered which can also be viewed by the student through his login.
  • Students can see the daily coverage of syllabus, monthwise coverage, names of reference books/textbooks also.
  • Students can also know the complete syllabus of their academic year through their login.
Assignments & Homeworks :
Students can view their daily Assignments and Class Notes, which will be uploaded by their respective class teachers using the interactive Mobile App or Teacher Portal by their mobile phones. It allows teachers to post homework/assignment details online to student who can see their homework for reference. Students can see the homework assigned to them online through the Student Portal and refer the reference documents uploaded by the teacher. Parents also can see the homework assigned to their child on Parent Portal and get it completed on time. Our interactive mobile app will help the teachers to Upload the daily class work / homework for their students.
Student Promotion :
Student Promotion allows you to promote passed students of a standard to the next standard and division at the end of the academic year. It also allows you to promote the failed students to next class according to the school policies. The details of the students automatically get updated in the student details as per the details of the student promotion.
  • Promote passed students to higher class at the end of each academic year.
  • It also allows you to promote all the students of a particular student to higher standard and division.
Certificates :
Certificate Generation allows you to generate certificates for school students and staffs easily and without any effort. Also a copy of the generated can be stored for future references and track record of the generated certificates can be kept.
  • Generate certificates for school students.
  • Keep a record of generated certificates for future references.
  • Facility to print the generated certificate on the spot.
Notifications :
This module allows the school staff persons to post important notifications related to exams,fees, activities etc. The students can see such notifications through his login in the students’s desk section. Also the school principal and higher authorities can post notifications to the teacher about school meetings or other details. School staff persons can post notifications to students about exams, fees payment, activities and other important information. Admin can post notifications to the teachers incase of meetings or other important information. Students and teachers can get instant notifications at their place using their portal.

The above features will help the educational institute to persuade the management with more controlled and convenient mode. There are much more modules available in academic management